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There are many men and women on death row and no matter if guilty or not guilty, according to Gary and Claudia, the death penalty is the wrong way to respond to a crime. Putting a needle in someone's arms is also killing and it is not less a crime only because the government is the killer.

Facts are: 

The death penalty is inhuman because she violates the basic rights of each individual - the right to live.

The death penalty does not prevent further crimes and killlings. It is no deterrent at all.

The death penalty cannot ease the pain the victim's family has to suffer. Is it less pain to you to suffer for your child, your husband or your mother, only because one more man has to die, only because the murderer has to die as well ?

The death penalty only creates a new killing. Another family will lose a loved one and will be a victim's family of a further murder.

Can you demonstrate that killing is wrong by killing as well ?

A life sentence without parole gives the offender the possibility to deal with the crime for the rest of his life. This will be a proper penalty. With a death sentence his sufferings are over and there is no chance for him for remorse.

The expenses for death row inmates are much higher than for an inmate with a life sentence.

And last but not least: A life sentence will prevent from wrongfully killing an innocent one.

So please pray for all those men and women on death row. Not only because there are innocent ones among them but also because they all are human beings and humans make mistakes in life and each human is entitled to human decency and has a right to be heard. We certainly do not see murder as a "mistake" but it's wrong to condemn someone by not knowing what went wrong in his life, why he became the man he was when he, may be, killed somebody.

"You never stood in that man's shoes or saw things thru his eyes or stood and watched with helpless hands. So help your brother along the way, no matter where he starts because the same God that made you, made him too. These men with broken hearts." (Elvis Presley)

God did not only create "eye for an eye", he also did create FORGIVENESS. The courts in the United States don't do justice ! The death panalty simply is revange. It's killing legalised by the government.

And last but not least since this is Gary's website please pray for him. Please pray that the state of Texas will allow him to prove that he did not kill Christie Chauviere. Please pray for his life and that God will not let him part that way from his wife Claudia.

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